Vote for Girl's Inc. of Rapid City, SD

August 17, 2018 9:11 AM | Anonymous

Vote Early - Vote Often for our own Girl's Inc. (Rapid City, SD)

Girls Inc. of Rapid City, SD has been given an amazing opportunity to compete for $25,000 from the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program. This grant would provide scholarships for 500 girls in our community to attend Girls Inc. for an entire year! PLEASE get your phones, tablets, computers, and smart watches out to vote for Girls Inc. of Rapid City! If you vote from your computer at work we won’t tell anyone, and if you get caught just tell your supervisor we need their vote too!

We serve the most amazing girls at Girls Inc.! An annual membership fee for our program is $50 per year! Girls Inc. provides its members with a safe place to learn about their bodies, literacy, healthy foods, art, computers, science, and math.  We also offer homework help, sports teams, swimming opportunities, and excursions to many great places in the Black Hills. Girls Inc. encourages girls to be curious about the world and to have a love for learning. We also provide a safe and stimulating learning environment and work to improve the overall well-being of young girls. We do this to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold! 

Please take a few seconds to click this link: It will take you directly where you need to be to place your vote. YOU CAN VOTE UP TO 10 TIMES PER DAY from August 15 to August 24.  So set a timer, put a rubber band on your wrist, put an alert on your phone, even a post-it note will do to remind you to get all 10 of your votes in each day. We live in a very small state so we need the compound/Tupperware/multiplier effect to happen here.  Please, please, please forward to everyone on your contact list and share the direct link included above with your friends and family on social media. Our deepest gratitude for your support of Girls Inc.! 


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